We’ve been around the block a few times...

Our team at Crema Coffee Co. is made up of a diverse range of characters who live and breathe anything coffee related. Through our own individual journeys but even more so together as a team, we have learnt how to cultivate unforgettable coffee experiences. It is our goal to educate and share our knowledge of the coffee industry with others to share our stories and ignite their passion.

5 Glorious years

My favourite blend is our Crema Espresso because it is a really jammy blend with delicious dark fruit and caramel vibes. 

At home, I like to make a V60 pour-over because it gives me the opportunity to try so many amazing single origin coffees and be really hands-on with the brew method.

6 Months

The Daily ….big and punchy that cuts through milk, everything a coffee should be. Chocolate, toffee and caramel entice you to second cup!

Call me old fashioned but a French press is my go-to and goes everywhere I go.

Since September 2022

Ritual, I'm pretty much biased for a quite punchy blends and Ritual is no exception, I think it's quite an underrated blends but as a milk blend and as an Espresso the flavour that it produces is delicious

At home I would usually drink an Espresso and double shot flat white, since I am at home I love spending time to dial in the best cup of espresso that fits nicely with milk as well

Since April 2022

Element - Nutty and indulgent. It's such a smooth blend. I recommend it to everyone!

Typically you won't find me making coffee at home, I usually spend my free time trying out different cafes 😛

But lately I've been all about the cold brew, so if I'm making anything at home, it’s that!