Cleaning Essentials Kit

Keeping your coffee equipment is the most important thing in order to make sure every coffee you make is perfect. Maintaining your equipment will also help with the longevity of a machine. Clean is cool!

  • EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner 500g: A safe and effective espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines which use organic coffee or any coffee for that matter.
  • Pallo Coffee Tool – Features hard wearing bristles, detergent scoop for back flushing, hot water deflector fins and steam wand poker.
  • Coffee Grinder Minder Brush – One-part Grinder Brush and one-part Counter Brush all in one tool. Long wearing with natural food grade bristles.
  • Steamy Wanda – 7.25mm Diameter Steam Wand Brush Head for medium to larger steam wand pipes.
  • Monster Cloth Set – Heavy duty microfiber, made with a special blend of polyimide & polyester which makes them ideal for any cleaning application.


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