About Us

Crema is a family owned artisan coffee roaster, based in Western Australia, established in 2002.

Crema started off as a roastery/café in the hills of Perth, roasting coffee daily and serving the locals with fresh brews and tasty cuisine. Within no time at all our small  business soon grew and with it an amazing following of customers who supported and loved coffee just as much as we do.

And so, it began…

After realising our main love was in roasting the café was sold and a relocation to our new roasting facility in Canning Vale commenced. We are now solely focused on our main and first true love; roasting coffee.

Our team at Crema is made up of a diverse range of characters who live and breathe anything coffee related. We’ve been around the block a few times and have seen Perth’s hospitality industry bloom. It is our goal to educate and share our knowledge of the coffee industry with anyone that will listen.

Like many goals, ours requires an ongoing dedication to improving quality, training and knowledge.

We’ve come a long way in the years since and today we’re humbled to be learning alongside some of the world’s finest coffee producers, hospitality operators and equipment manufacturers who we are proud to call our family.

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