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It’s important to make sure your equipment is clean and happy. A clean machine will compliment your coffee making skills and keep the machine in good working order for longer. The less down time a machine has, the more coffee fuel you can provide. Keeping your customers smiling and caffeinated..

The best way to ensure that every member of your team is keeping the equipment squeaky clean is to follow the below steps and to put a cleaning schedule in place. That way not one day is missed!

Let’s start with four simple steps that should be carried out daily.

  • Backflush during the day without chemical (after a busy spell).
  • Cleaning your group handles with chemical (at the end of service).
  • Backflush with chemical (at the end of service).
  • Cleaning your group heads (at the end of service).

Now let’s go through each cleaning process.

Back Flushing without chemical – during the day/after a busy period.

  1. Flood your group head*
  2. Insert a blind basket into portafilter, then place in group head and lock tightly.
  3. Active the group head for 5 seconds and then deactivate for 5 seconds.
  4. Repeat 3-5 more times, change group head and repeat.
  5. Empty the portafilter and rinse clean.
  6. Rinse portafilters under hot water and place back in group head.

Cleaning your group handles – End of the day.

  1. Place ¼ tsp of chemical into each filter basket.
  2. Insert portafilters into group head and dispense water from group for 30 seconds.
  3. Remove portafilter and rinse under a hot tap.
  4. Remove basket and wipe until clean and all oils are gone.
  5. Place back together and leave in cleaned group heads.

Back Flushing with chemical – End of day.

  1. Flood your group head*
  2. Insert a blind basket into a portafilter then place ¼ of a tsp of cleaning powder into the blind basket.
  3. Insert portafilter into a group head and lock tightly.
  4. Active the group head for 5 seconds and then deactivate for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times.
  5. Remove the portafilter from the group head, rinse any remaining chemical or coffee residue in the portafilter and repeat the above step but with clean water.
  6. Repeat on all group heads.

Cleaning your group heads

  1. Remove the shower screens and seals carefully. Be careful not to lose any screws or dent the screens.
  2. Rinse and wipe down the screens and seals under running water.
  3. With a clean cloth wipe down the group head, be careful as it’s hot!
  4. Carefully place the seals and screens back in the group head.
  5. Place your portafilters in the group heads once finished.

*Flooding your group head loosens grinds from around the seal and inside the group head making it easier to clean.

  1. Insert a blind basket into a portafilter and place in the group head loosely.
  2. Activate pump and move the portafilter from side to side.
  3. Repeat this until the water runs clear.
  4. Repeat on all group heads.

Grinder Maintenance

Cleaning the hopper (once a week)

  1. Close the gate of the hopper and lift the hopper off coffee grinder.
  2. Store all unused bean in an airtight container.
  3. Then wash the hopper with warm soapy water, and towel dry thoroughly.

Chamber Cleaning (end of every day)

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner or dry brush remove ground coffee from the chamber.
  2. Using a dry cloth simply wipe the inside out till it is free of grinds.


  • Season your machine after cleaning with chemical before using it next.
  • Keep drip trays free from grinds.
  • Use separate cloths for the steam wands and the drip tray as cross contamination can occur.

And your done!

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