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Alright, so, marketing is a BIG deal and a part of your business that can’t afford to be left behind.

Marketing – done right, can add an abundance of value to your business. It is what people see before they enter your premises, it is where they create the emotional connection and excitement for what you have on offer. There are hundreds different ways to help make your café stick out from the crowd, but let’s just focus on a few. Not all forms of marketing apply to everyone, so it is always a good idea to put your twist on them. Make it your own.

And no, not a stream of selfies! Post via Instagram every day. Every second day at a minimum. Make sure the posts are mixed. Have images of food, coffee, customers, weather, local surroundings, general café life and so on. Make sure posts that include customers or staff have them tagged as if they repost, it increases your reach.
Post on Facebook 2 or three times a week. You can pull from Instagram, but FB is a little more Politically Correct and formal, so it is a good place to post menu changes and local community news or competitions.

Involve your business with the local community. Take the opportunity to sponsor local groups and use their advertising space to advertise your business. It will give you a wider reach and helps secure their loyalty. Perth is huge when it comes to supporting local. Donate to local sports, primary or community groups and get involved where you can. Apart from the added bonus of gaining a wider reach, you’re also doing something good for the world.

This is extremely important. People like to feel comfortable and familiar. Ensuring the place has good lighting, is clean and the music is flowing. A good play list can make or break an atmosphere. Change the genre of music up depending on what time of the day it happens to be and have it so all can hear but it isn’t causing people to talk over one another.

It is extremely important to make sure there are multiple offerings available. Breakfast and lunch dine in, breakfast take away, lunch take away, snack/morning tea takeaway and sweet treats. Muffins are great as they are an easy and quick option + the price point is attractive. On that note providing different savoury options for the same price and size is a winning option. Small croissants, snack sized frittatas, savoury slice etc etc. Anything that can be easily heated on or off site.

Monthly promotions are a great way to keep customers engaged and returning. Check out a few of the suggestions below:

  • Buy a small coffee and get upgraded to a larger size (during a certain time).
  • Coffee and muffin or slice deal.
  • Iced Coffees X amount for the week.
  • Juice and a sweet treat for X amount for the week.
  • Buy an item from the food cabinet and get your coffee half price.
  • Kids hot chocolates free with any purchase over X amount.
  • Buy an item of the lunch menu and get a drink half price.

The options really are endless, just cater to your offering and clientele.

Upselling should happen at every opportunity. Buying a coffee, would you like a regular or a large? Do you need morning tea? Finished their dine in coffee? Another one? Finished their meal, would you like a sweet treat? Buying a coffee or tea, muffin or slice to go with that? Staff should be pointing out and mentioning promotions at every opportunity. It will take a few weeks or a month for people to get into a rhythm and once they know you have a consistent offering, they will seek it out themselves.

People like to be made to feel special and a part of something (I mean who doesn’t) which is why loyalty programmes are a good idea. You can take this one step further and create a monthly eNews which is sent out via email and can almost be exclusive to those who sign up. If you have an event coming up, make it a big deal. Café’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, Melbourne Cup, International Dog Day, anything. Take the opportunity to get the staff involved and this adds to a fun atmosphere that customers love.


Have clear signage.
Build a website.
Add your menu to Facebook and other reviewing sites.
Host a charity event.
Give the VIP treatment and reward loyalty.
Organise and host fun contests, games, competitions or raffles.
Encourage people to take photos and Instagram your goods.
Run specials for quiet times of the day.

Crema x

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